Relative Importance

by Paul Federici Music

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(free) 04:24


released January 29, 2012

Winner of Adult Contemporary Album of the Year at the 2012 Niagara Music Awards.

All songs written by Paul Federici (SOCAN) (

Produced by: moon:and:6 (

Recorded and mixed at: Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON by moon:and:6, additional recording and editing by Marcone (

Mastered by: Joe Lambert at JLM Mastering Brooklyn, NY

Musical Cast:

Paul Federici: acoustic guitar, lead vocals, back up vocals

Leon Furs: keys, electric guitar, mandolin

Nick Skalkos: Drums

Kirk Starkey: Cello (



all rights reserved


Paul Federici Music St Catharines, Ontario

Paul Federici is an award winning Canadian singer/songwriter who creates melodic acoustic tracks based around his soft voice and intricate use of harmonies. A style featuring unconventional guitar tunings, layered vocals and introspective lyrics, his work has won over fans from a variety of genres and drawn comparisons to artists like Elliott Smith, Damien Rice and City and Colour among others. ... more

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Track Name: Conveniently Yours
Well I don’t imagine, that you’d feel the same
Through the guilt and the blame, as I do

Cause it’s always the same scene
When I hit the ground, come crashing down,
And I say

Who will you run to when you’re lost
Who will you run to when you’re broken down
Who will you love when you find
That you’re nothing more, than you were before

So I can’t pretend now that, it’s all ok
That I’m on my way, back to you

Cause you’ll play out the same scene, when they close all the doors I’m conveniently yours,
And you’ll say

So who do you love
Track Name: True
My world crashes
Around you

Cause you’ll take me
Forsake me, that’s true

And I can’t face it
Around you

Cause I’m standing
Crash landing, that’s true
Track Name: There's a Reason
There’s a reason, that I am blind
And I can’t see through the dark
Cause hope and kindness, better days
Well they feel miles apart

Cause I have fallen
Down this road, so deep
That you won’t believe
When I say this is me
Oh, this is me

There’s a reason, I am tired
And I can’t run anymore
Cause we hurt each other, all again
But I am done keeping score

So take your ribbons
Hide your bows
Cause now is not the time
To ask forgiveness, make amends
For all the faults in our lives
Track Name: Remember Me
She walks, valiantly
Across the road, unconditionally
She packed her bags, quietly
And left a note saying, remember me

Cause she wants a new life
And her way to say goodbye, is remember me

She remembers well, the slavery
To broken hearts, and shattered dreams
So no goodbyes, to concede
Just a note saying, remember me

Her room is dark, and empty
Just a note saying…
Track Name: On My Mind
All my life, where have you gone
Cause you’re on my mind
Was happiness left behind

Cause we were something, never meant to last
And I’m thinking about that summer, that never should have passed

And I still feel the sun (but those days are gone)
And I still hear your voice
On my mind

So half my life
Has come and gone
I guess I lied, to myself

So all my life, where have you gone
Track Name: It Won't Be Me
It’s getting harder to pay
For these faults, that follow me
I feel trapped inside
The walls of my history

See time has no regard
Or remedy
I’ve been left behind to find
What I’ll never be

But who will save me, from myself
Who will save me
Cause it won’t be me

Getting farther away
From where I thought I’d be
And the road I’m walking on
Is a mystery
Track Name: She is Lost
She lies awake, alone at night
Cause the pain that shes knows has another name

She lies awake alone at night
Waiting for the sun’s first light
Cause the pain that she knows has another name

It is lost
She is lost

Her mind spins out of control
From fears deep within her soul
And the cuts along her arm
have another name

And she wants out, of this life

In the dark she is lost, and can’t find a better way
He is gone, and she can’t find the strength for another day
Through the years drowned her fears in pills and promises
Though she tries to forget, the regrets are harrowing
Track Name: Without You
I can’t erase
The lines along this tired face, or you

Cause we’ve gone our separate ways
And I am left to count the days, without you

Cause every fall
The changing leaves they say it all, it’s true
They change just like you

So what am I to say
To ease the cost that I have paid, without you

Lessons I refused to learn
And my heart will always burn for you

And time goes
Weather or not you know
Time goes, its true
Slowly without you